My name is Mark Aniol and by trade I am a home inspector and contractor, my passion is woodworking and creating beautiful unique pieces with my clients. I’m also a father of two & a husband to my beautiful wife who’s my #1 cheerleader.

I live in Ontario Canada. My shop is located on our own piece of land in the country. We converted a barn into my workshop/man cave.

I enjoy time outside at our family cottage and getting out on my chopper as much as possible. Most times you’ll find me working in my shop and brainstorming about what project to do next. You might find me playing darts, axe throwing or racing my buddies in a crash up derby.

I started my career in construction 30 years ago and over the years that evolved into becoming a certified home inspector.

As a 17 year old my big brother from big brother big sister had me help him building his cottage. It was probably at that point where my love for construction and building all began. I first started making skateboards and balance boards out of our garage to try and get my son interested in woodworking. What I wasn’t expecting would happen, was that I would find a hobby that I enjoyed so much myself.

I first started making charcuterie boards about a year ago and am amazed at how charcuterie became so popular. It’s definitely having a moment! It’s actually the thing that propelled me into creating different custom projects for people all over the world. I never expected this passion project to become more than a hobby but it’s true what they say about doing what you love! What I like best about woodworking is that I keep hearing people call my work art & it makes me feel so good that something I created is in their home.

A year ago I upgraded my CNC machine to also do Laser engraving so now I can engrave and personalize pretty much anything for people or company’s. I also love to work with epoxy blending and creating specific colors to add to clients piece’s. Each piece I do is custom and prices vary depending on species of wood, size, engraving, epoxy etc
Whether it’s a customized bamboo cutting board for a gift, a large custom charcuterie board for an event or outfitting your brewery with a complete set of custom made tables for your dining area. I’ve done it all and I’m looking forward to bringing any idea you have to life.
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